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Facilities Manager

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Wilmington, OH

Facilities Manager


Job Description

Position Summary:
The Facilities Manager classification is a part of the top management team and, as such, requires a high level of commitment and energy to help keep the company on the cutting edge of the die cast industry. The Facilities Manager is responsible for providing maintenance and upgrade functions for the facility, including building utility systems and building and grounds maintenance. Responsible for keeping the plant in compliance with all federal, state and local environmental regulations that apply to our operations. Selects appropriate methods and techniques for resolving problems. Directs the routine and improvement activities of the Facilities Department along with the necessary education and training.

Scope of Responsibilities:
Must be familiar with and participate in the company's strategic and innovation planning processes. Reports directly to the V.P. of Manufacturing. Oversees department associates to assure all facilities and grounds services are safely and appropriately addressed. Leads and oversees all plant expansions and improvements to the facility and grounds. Coordinates and works closely with production departments for future equipment foundations and modifications. Assures continued compliance with all EPA, state and local environmental regulations as well as ISO14001 certification requirements. Assures that the goals of the department are being met in relationship with the company innovation plan. Encourages the development of and supports the Quality Circle activities. Selects core associates to train towards future advancement in knowledge and responsibility. Assures all department personnel strictly adhere to all provisions within the Compliance & Ethics Business Practices Policy. Conducts, at minimum, a quarterly review of applicable competency and/or training matrices to ensure they are updated for all associates within his or her direct supervision.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
Daily Management:
o Schedule sufficient daily/weekly time for assessing and aggressively improving, where needed, the department's support of the company's short-range and long-range strategic and innovative plans including the company's safety and quality systems.
o Responsible for developing, securing approval, implementing and controlling the department's annual budget including investment plan items to support the innovation plan objectives of the department and the company.
o Directs the routine and improvement activities of the Facilities Department along with necessary education and training.
o Maintains a safe working environment in compliance with all company safety policies for all Facility Department associates.
o Plans and coordinates activities concerned with design, construction and modification of the plant in preparation for installing production equipment, machinery, product storage and other facilities related improvements.
o Establishes standards and policies for pollution control.
o Oversees the design, purchase and implementation of appropriate pollution control devices.
o Assures proper heating and conditioned air levels for plant and offices personnel.
o Oversees preparation of bid sheets and contracts for construction.
o Assures necessary systems are provided, upgraded, maintained and repaired to support production processes involving cooling, lubrication, pneumatics, electrical and related needs.
o Maintains in peek operational condition all plant/office heating and air conditioning/make-up units.
o Negotiates optimal pricing for purchasing natural gas to assure uninterrupted supply at lowest possible cost.
o Works with electrical generating company to assure uninterrupted electrical services.
o Analyzes all utilities supplied to the plant based upon company expansion plans to assure controlled expansion of such services as needed.
o Works with city and state officials to assure proper air, wastewater, and other permits are timely acquired to assure continuous uninterrupted operation of all plant operations.
o Oversees the company's electronic security system.
o Maintains the company's wastewater treatment systems to assure compliance with city, state and federal regulations.
o Establishes and maintains department operation budget.
o Establish a yearly Investment Plan for future growth of the department and company.
o Provides routine and special reports to the V.P. of Manufacturing.
o Plan and work within the guidelines established by the company's short and long-range strategic plans.
o Attend Business Conference and Strategy meeting providing input and status of the plant facilities.
o Participates in daily meeting activity.
o Assures the proper training of all Facilities associates to meet all maintenance, safety, quality, and other required skills/knowledge as well as providing ongoing training to continually level up their skills.
o Selects core associates in the department for development and the possibility of future leadership.
o Plan, schedule and control construction projects for quality results and on-time completion within budget.
o Integrate predictive and preventive maintenance and plant equipment records for cost and downtime reduction.
o Maintain and upgrade all building and utility drawings for current and future references.
o Maintain the exterior and interior building structures for longer asset life at minimum cost.
o Develop and maintain good housekeeping, waste management, air and water quality and safety items.
o Develop and maintain good housekeeping, waste management, air and water quality and safety items.
o Participates in the short-range and long-range strategic and innovative planning processes and links all department improvement activities to the approved plans.
o Draft and present the annual Innovation Plan for the Facilities Department
o Assures that all objectives within the Facilities Department Innovation Plan are consistent with and support AWC's 3-Year Innovation Plan
o Trains and delegates appropriate responsibilities to Facility personnel to carry out Innovation Plan activities
o Provides monthly and quarterly Innovation Plan objectives
o Develops other improvement plan activities for improving the overall efficiencies within the department
o Develop plans for major improvement and upgrades of plant equipment.
o Applies Deming principles and other root cause analysis tools when analyzing problems and makes appropriate recommendations for improvements
o Actively supports and encourages the development of Quality Circles within the department and throughout the company.


Education/Experience/Training (minimum required):
" Bachelor Degree in facilities engineering, industrial engineering or related field and a minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible Industrial Facility Management experience.
" Good written and verbal communication skills, good organizational skills, and good problem solving skills with experience in the use of analytical tools.
" Good knowledge and use of various software including: Excel and Word, Internet and email; project management; and Auto cad system for drawing updates.
" Training ISO 14000 certification requirements.
" Knowledge of National Electrical Code (NEC), Building Code (OBBC), National Fire Protection Regulations (NFPA).

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