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Electrical Drafter

Job Snapshot

Lebanon, OH

Electrical Drafter


Job Description

The AutoCAD drafter responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

¢ Overall responsibilities
o Generate, revise, and distribute design build electric drawings
o Generate, revise, and distribute design build fire alarm drawings
o Manage drawing issuances for plan and spec projects
o Provide assistance to Preconstruction Team (sketches, drawings, load calcs, takeoffs, etc.)
o Manage the Plotter
o Manage company's internal filesharing site (PlanGrid)
o Monitor GC's filesharing site for new drawing releases (Procore, Sharefile, etc)
o Display extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office (outlook, excel, word, etc)
o Display extensive knowledge of PDF viewer (Adobe or Bluebeam)
o Effectively communicate with Preconstruction Team and Project Managers
¢ Detailed responsibilities
o Interpret design narratives, scope of work, or sketches to generate construction drawings
o Display efficient clerical and organizational skills
" Properly organize each job's "drawings" folder (CAD files, pdfs, reference files, etc)
" File and organize received and downloaded documents for easy reference and usage
" File and organize e-mails within outlook
o File sharing websites (PlanGrid, Procore, etc)
" Navigate through ftp sites and websites to download and upload files and documents
" Confirm latest drawing issuances utilizing Procore or other file sharing websites
" Manage filesharing website (PlanGrid)
" Add/ remove team members as needed
" Ensure latest drawings are posted (attention to drawing dates, names, etc)
o Plotter upkeep
" General plotting operations and tasks
" Assist with errors and jams (coordinate tech support if necessary)
" Changing paper, toner cartridges, toner waste box
" Monitor and notify appropriate individuals when supplies are low (paper, toner, etc)
¢ AutoCAD knowledge overview
o Generate new electrical plans (also applies to generating fire alarm drawings)
" Transfer architectural drawings (floor plans, RCPs) to template files
" Extensive knowledge of xref manager tool
" Create usable background drawings (remove unnecessary notes, dimensions, etc.)
" Modify layers for proper plot style (layer color, linetype, and lineweight)
" Select proper sheet size and drawing viewport scale
" Extensive knowledge of viewport commands
" Import panel schedules as OLE object
" Alter panel schedules using Microsoft excel
" Prepare drawing set for review and/or submittal
o Modify existing drawings
" Internal revisions
" Owner, Architect, Engineer, or General Contractor revisions
" Permit review revisions
" As-builts revisions
o Distribute drawings

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